Important AVOID Death Rise at NIGHT

why do i wake up more tired
why do i wake up more tired

Lack of sleep heart disease – In this post we will share a great advice that can save your life to you and your family.

It is important that after reading it and putting it into practice you share it with your family and friends, you could save many lives

For those who get up at night to inspect the house or urinate even when you wake up as soon as your alarm clock sounds, it is important to know this!

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Lack of sleep heart disease – Each person upon awakening should take three and a half minutes.

It often happens that a person who looks super healthy has died at night for not knowing this, we almost always hear people who say:

“Yesterday I was talking to that person and he looked very good and healthy”  ¿Why did he suddenly die?

The real reason is that when you wake up at night or in the morning to go to the bathroom, to start your day it often happens that we get up immediately.

I also made this same mistake, but knowing this I don’t do it anymore.

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When we stop immediately after a period of sleep, the brain has no blood circulation, for which it is important to wait “Three and a Half Minutes”

lack of sleep heart disease
lack of sleep heart disease

In the middle of the night when the desire to urinate wakes you up or in the morning when you wake up to start your daily activities, the ECG or EKG pattern by its acronym (electrocardiogram or electrokardiogram) can change.

When suddenly stopping the brain is anemic and will cause heart failure due to lack of blood.

It is highly recommended to practice :

“Three and a Half Minutes” as we will describe in detail below:

  1. When you wake up stay in bed for a minute and a half.
  2. After that, sit on your bed for another minute.
  3. And finally sit on the edge of your bed, lower your legs for a minute, after three and a half minutes your brain will no longer be anemic and your heart will not weaken, which will reduce the risk of falling and suffering a sudden death.

Share with your family, friends and loved ones.

This can happen to anyone regardless of your age, if you are a young or old person.

Your family and loved ones should also put these important tips into practice.

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